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Real natural Baltic amber jewelry for your shop, boutique, private collection or personal use. 2022 catalogue.Buy Baltic amber jewelry at manufacturer's price. Unique one-of-a-kind Baltic amber jewelry at manufacturer's price. Baltic Jewely of amber. Buying amber jewelry is very simple. We offer various designs of amber rings, amber bracelets, amber pendants, islamic amber rosaries also known as prayer beads, masbaha, worry beads, or tasbih, polished amber stones, amber inclusions (amber fossils), amber necklaces, loose amber beads, handcarved amber, handmade amber jewelry boxes, amber cabochons, amber chess set. Pick the jewelry you need and visit order page. Beautiful Baltic amber jewelry for you or your shop or boutique. We manufacture ready-made amber jewelry and semi-finished amber jewelry supplies such as: loose amber beads, cut stone boxes, raw amber material, loose amber cabs, loose pendant stones, polished and unpolished amber chips of various shapes and colours. We are a supplier of amber for jewelry makers and jewelry designers. Also we sell amber fossils (amber insect and plant inclusions). We have rare amber inclusions in stock. We actively sell amber jewelry in USA, UK, Canada, Autsratila, France (Paris), Germany, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and many other countries throughout the world. Made in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia. Beads from Baltic region. 2022 collection: pendants, necklaces, earrings, findings, jewelry supplies. Certified Baltic amber beads, 2022 sale.

Amber jewelry 2022 catalogue
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Amber necklaces - Baltic amber necklaces - amber necklace shop - wholesale necklacesAmber necklaces Islamic amber rosaries - Arabic amber rosary - amber rosary shop - rosary wholesalerAmber rosaries Polished amber stones - polished amber - wholesale polished amberPolished amber chunks
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Baltic amber jewelry wholesale

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Amber Workshop offers raw amber / rough amber for collectors and jewelry makers. Buy authentic raw amber from first hands

We offer for sale various styles of  amber rings. We manufactue big, small, massive amber rings cut of a single piece of nartual raw amber stones. Our rings are 100% handmade.

Buy various amber bracelets form manufacturer. We offer big massive amber bracelets, small amber bracelets, streched amber bracelts and lots more.

Amber pendants for sale. We have various styles of amber pendants: heart shaped amber pendants, cross shape amber pendants, with and without sterling silver mounts.

Islamic amber rosaries (amber prayer beads or amber worry beads) is one of  our main products. We offer different types of amber rosaries for sale. Big exlusive rosaries, small rosaries,  round rosaries, olive shape amber rosaries. Colour of amber beads ranges from yellow-white and white (royal amber) to pink, cognac, antique and cherry colours. Islamic rosaries are also known as Tasbih, Masbaha, Mesbaha, greeks call them komboloi.

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Amber jewelry box with a rose on top

Amber Workshop has a collection of more than 100 stones of amber with insect and plant inclusions. Also we offer for sale insect inclusions in amber in magnifier boxes.

cognac colour amber beads
Amber chess set available for sale. Big exclusive amber figurines with gold. Amber chess set is called "Moslems versus Christians". This is unique one-of-a-kind chess set.
We offer hand carved amber figurines made of real amber. We manufacture figurines  of animals: amber elephants, amber turtles, bears, bulls, walruses, turtles, monkeys and lots more. Cursom orders are also available.
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Jewelry supplies - Jewelry wholesale supplier - Amber supplies
Raw amber jewelry supplies - raw amber jewelery supplier

Loose amber beads - supplies

We offer polished amber stones for sale. These are very beautiful polished stones for private collections of business gifts. Also polished amber stones are very popular for exclusive amber jewelry making. Such as huge pendants, nuge amber necklaces, as elements for body jewerlry.

Amber cabochons for sale - baltic amber cabochons for sale

Loose amber pendant shop



Amber bracelets - Baltic amber Jewelry

We manufacture different types of amber bracelets, these are just a few samples of the total collection we may produce. Some amber bracelets are in stock and ready for immedate delivery, some have to me manufactured. We manufacture these types of amber bracelets: small beaded amber bralcelets, multicolour amber beaded, a Amber chips bracelets, raw unpolished amber bracelets, massive unpolished amber bracelets. More info on natural amber bracelets ...

Amber bracelets by type:
Massive amber bracelets - yellow bracelets

Fancy amber bracelets - fancy bracelet

Faceted amber bracelets - faceted beads
Stretch amber bracelets - stretch bracelet

Amber chip bracelet


Amber pendants - Baltic amber Jewelry

We manufacture different types of amber pendants. The stones you see on the pictures are actually semi-products for amber jewelry manufacturers. They can be drilled of with a silver CLASP. The wholesale price depends on the size and weight of amber pendants. The bigger pendants are the higher is the price. Sterling silver amber rings. Various colurs amber pendants with or without leather cord or chain. More info on natural Baltic amber pendants ...

Amber pendants by type:
Loose amber pendant shop

Amber crosses - Green amber cross pendants

Free form amber pendants - exclusive one-of-a-kind pendants

Amber star of david pendants - Star of David Amber Judaica

Amber heart - Amber heart shaped pendant

Semi finished amber pendants. Polished pendant shape amber stones undrilled and without streling silver mounts. Also called loose pendant stones.
Christian amber crosses. We sell amber crosses as pendants with sterling silver and amber only (cut of a single piece of amber) crosses.
Each exclusive free form amber pendant is unique and handmade. Exclusive amber pendants are made of natrual amber stones only.
Amber star of David pendants. We sell amber star of David pendants as pendants with sterling silver mount and without it if necessary.
Amber heart pendants. We sell amber heart pendants as pendants with sterling silver mount and without it if necessary.

Natural unworked raw amber material

Our company is a wholesaler of natural raw amber material. We sell 100% natural Baltic amber also known as succinite and Ukrainian raw amber. We have full range of amber fractions from small amber gem stones to huge amber chunks (up to 1 kilogram / 2.2 lbs in weight). We are a great place if you are interested to buy raw amber wholesale.

  • Natural Raw Baltic Amber (aka rough amber)
  • Raw amber / rough Ukrainian amber
  • Unique one-of-a-kind collection amber chunks
  • Small collection amber chunks

More info on natural unpolished raw amber ...

Unpolished Raw amber gemstones samples

raw amber stones

Unpolished Raw amber waste quality

Amber incense - small raw amber pieces

Unpolished big raw amber chunks (50 to 100 grams)

unpolished natural amber

Sample of 100 to 200 grams raw Baltic amber chunk

Raw amber piece - natural baltic amber gem stone

Unpolished raw Baltic amber in bulk (ready for shipment)

Raw amber material in bulk - rough amber

Sample of 100 to 200 grams raw Ukrainian amber chunk

Ukrainian raw amber chunk - amber lump

Solid amber rings - natural baltic amber

We manufacture different types of amber rings. One of our bestsellers are amber rings. All amber rings are made from natural Baltic or Ukrainian amber. We have brown amber rings, green amber rings, white amber rings, butterscotch amber rings and other colours. This is a great product for boutiques and jewelry stores.

  • Amber rings cut from from amber chunks in various sizes.
  • Sterling silver amber rings

More info on natural amber rings ...

Baltic amber only ring (brown or cognac colour)

Solid amber ring - cognac color ring

White Baltic amber ring

Amber only rings (cognac transparent)

Massive Baltic amber ring - cognac amber ring

Green amber ring - massive green amber ring

Beautiful handmade amber ring (cognac colour)

Wholesale amber rimgs - amber rings wholesaler

Yellow white amber rings - Baltic amber ring

Amber rosaries - Baltic amber

Aka: islamic prayer beads, worry beads, masbaha, tasbih, tasbeeh, komboloi, mesbaha, mala, subha

We sell islamic amber rosaries made of natural unpolished amber. Islamic amber rosaries are also called (masbaha, tasbih, prayer beads or worry beads). We have amber rosaries with 33 amber beads, 66 amber beads, 99 amber beads. We may produce amber rosaries with custom number of beads. We sell amber rosaries made of round amber beads, olive shaped amber beads, box or corn shape amber beads. Some Islamic amber rosaries are made of faceted beads, some are with glitter inside. Also it is possible to produce amber rosaries with insect inclusions.

Important! Most of the items published as samples only. Please contact us to find out which rosaries currently abailable for sale or which can be manufactured in the nearest time.

More info on islamic amber rosaries ...

Moslem amber rosaries 33 faceted round amber beads

Faceted Baltic amber rosaries - round faceted amber rosaries - prayer beads - worry beads

Chocolate amber rings -  chololate colour box beads

Rosaries made of natural Baltic amber. Only amber gemstones are used. We do not use melted or reconstructed amber.

Moslem rosaries of 33 olive shape amber beads

Olive shape amber rosaries - worry beads - prayer beads

Arabic amber rosaries - orange amber prayer beads - worry beads

Our Amber Rosaries have 33, 66 or 99 amber beads. Bead shape can be round, olive, box and corn shape. Amber beads can be transparent with or without glitter.

Huge Baltic amber rosaries of 33 box shape beads

Arabic amber rosaries - amber rosary - amber prayer beads - amber rosary

Lemon transparent amber colour rosaries - amber prayer beads - worry beads - arabic - arab

Amber beads used in rosaries can be with or without carving. Amber rosaries with specific carving can be made for regular or volume buyers.

Polished amber gemstones

We select the best natural amber chunks and polish them. The stones are made from natural amber stones only. Business people throughout the world love these beautiful amber stones. Most of them are beleive that amber brings luck and success. This makes amber stones a perfect business gift.

Collectors also love amber chunks because each amber stone is unique.

We sell amber stones by item or weight. Polished chunky amber beads are also available for sale.

More info on polished amber stones ...

Collection Baltic amber gemstones

Honey color amber gemstone - Baltic amber gem

Loose amber gemstones polished - polished amber stones - amber gems

Loose polished Baltic amber chunks

Polished yellow-white amber chunk

Loose amber gem stones - huge baroque amber beads - gems - stones

Collection natural Baltic amber lumps

White amber gem stone - amber gemstone - gemstones

Massive Baltic amber lump - huge amber gem stone

Amber fossils - insect and plant inclusions

Amber fossils (flora and fauna inclusions) in Baltic and Ukrainian amber.

We can supply with natural amber stones with insect inclusions. Usually these are small polished amber stones (1-10 grams).

The price of these stones start from $5 per stone. We sell amber inclusions only with at least 20 stones per one order.

  • Amber with insect inclusion
  • Amber with plant inclusion

More info on amber inclusions ...

Amber fossils - insect inclusions in amber

Amber fossils - rare amber inclusions

Amber inclusions - insects in magnifier box

Exclusive Baltic amber chess set

HANDMADE RARE LUXURY AMBER & GOLD CHESS SET. Russian Amber chess set made of genuine Baltic amber. Includes storage box of wood. 32 pieces. Great Item. One of a kind. Amber with gold.

This is onle of a kind item. Please contact us for a price.

More info on amber chess set ...

Exclusive amber chess set in a wooden case.

Baltic amber chess set - amber chess set in case

Hand-carved amber figurines with gold

Amber chess set - hand carved amber figurines

Hand-carved amber figurines with gold

Hand-carved amber figurines

Loose amber beads - Baltic amber beads

We sell wholesale Baltic amber beads. Loose amber beads are available in yellow-white, yellow, cognac, cherry, orange, lemon colours. Upon request loose beads of other colours are also can be made.

We sell both drlled and undrilled loose beads:

  • round amber beads, box (barrel) beads, olive beads;
  • transparent, transparent with glitter, non transparent amber beads;
  • amber imame amber beads;
  • we sell simple and faceted amber beads.

More info on amber beads available for sale ...

Loose beads - round amber beads

Mixed drilled and undrilled round amber beads - loose beads

Mix of loose beads - loose amber bead - ready for shipment

Flat and round loose beads - Baltic amber

Falt loose amber beads - loose bead shop

Packs of Baltic amber beads - real natural 100% authentic amber beads

Huge Baltic amber beads, cube loose beads

Cognac colour round Baltic amber beads - round beads wholesale

Lemon color, cognac color, mosaic amber beads

Religious amber gifts - Baltic amber gifts

Christian / catholic amber crosses and amber cross pendants, jewish star of David (Magen David) pendants, islamic amber rosaries.

These amber items are excellent for private collections, personal use or as items added to your shop.

Islamic / arab amber rosaries or worry beads

Islamic amber rosary - arabic rosary - moslem rosary - musilm rosary

Christian / catholic amber crosses - cross pendants

Catholis amber cross - christian amber cross - amber crosses

Amber Judaica - Amber Star of David pendants

Amber Judaica gifts - amber star of David pendant - star of David pendant

Amber jewelry box - Baltic amber

We manufactire amber jewelry boxes, we sell them by one item as well. All amber jewelry boxes are one-of-a-kind. We sell amber boxes by 1 item.

We manufacture hand-carved amber jewelry boxes (from solid amber chunks only) and glued and melted amber jewelry boxes.

More info on amber jewelry boxes ...

Yellow white amber jewelry box (Baltic Amber)

Amber jewelry box with a rose on top

Yellow-white color amber jewelry box

Yellow white amber jewelry box

Open amber jewelry box (handmade item)

Open baltic amber jewelry box - jewelry boxes

Amber necklaces - Baltic amber necklace

We manufacture various styles of Baltic amber necklaces.
  • small amber necklaces
  • amber chokers
  • baby amber teething necklaces

More info on amber necklaces ...

Fancy beaded Baltic amber necklaces

Fancy baltic amber necklaces

Cognac colour amber necklace (faceted beads)

Cognac colour amber necklace - spiral cut beads

Baby amber teething necklace (natural teething remedy)

Baby teething necklace - amber teething necklace - baby teething beads

Amber chips - Baltic amber chip beads

Aka loose amber chips beads

We sell polished and unpolished amber chips. The minimum order of amber chips is 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs).

  • drilled amber chips
  • undrilled amber chips

Please contact us for more info on loose amber chips


Polished Baltic amber chips (amber chip besds)

Polished amber chips


Natural multicolur Baltic amber chips (chip beads)

natural amber chips


Drilled buterscotch color amber chips

butterscotch colour amber chips

Amber cabochons - Baltic amber cabs

We manufacture different kind of amber cabochons. Amber cabochons (amber cabs) can be made in various colours from cognac, green to white. We manufacture round and oval shape amber cabs, transparent and non-transparent cabs.

More info on amber cabochons ...

Oval, square, rectangle and round amber cabs

Amber cabochons for sale - baltic amber cabochons for sale

Baltic amber cabochons mixed shapes

Baltic amber cabs - oval, round, square shape amber cabs

Oval shape Baltic amber cabs - various colours

Oval amber cabs - oval shape amber cabochon

Baltic amber earrings

Beautiful amber earrings are available in different shapes and colours. We are constantly making teardop shape amber earrings. They are very popular in US and western European counrties.

Light cognac colour amber earrings (teardrops)

Light cognac colour amber earrings (teardrop amber beads)

Cognac and lemon colour amber earrings

Cognac and lemon colour amber earrings - round faceted beads

Dark cognac color amber earrings (teardrops)

Dark cognac color amber earrings (teardrop amber beads)

Hand-carved amber figurines excellent business gift

Handmade rare amber jewelry carved gifts.

  • hand-carved amber elephants
  • hand-carved amber frogs
  • hand-carved amber turtles
  • different hand-carved amber figures
  • hand-carved amber flowers
  • other amber carvings on demand

More info on hand-carved amber figurines ...

Hand-carved amber animal figurines

Hand-carved amber turtle, cognac colour figurine

Lemon colour amber bull - hand carved amber animal

Hand-carved amber amimal figurines

Lemon coulour - green amber elephant

Baltic amber loin carving

Hand-carved amber amimal figurines

Hand-carved Baltic amber figurine - amber walrus

Beautiful green amber frog - handcarved - handmade

General information
  • Amber Workshop is amber jewelry manufacturer, that is why purchasing amber from us you buy it from first hands.
  • Amber jewelry, semi-finished products and raw amber (rough amber) can be purchased both in wholesale and retail.
  • There is no minimum order requirements.
  • Please note, that that for volume orders we offer wholesale discounts.
  • International orders: We welcome customers from all over the world.

If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarging our products and services.

Authentic natural Baltic amber jewelry and raw amber material from manufacturer. We are located in Baltic States, a place where the natural rough Baltic amber is mined. Our talanded artisans manufacture beautiful amber jewelry for online, offline shops, boutiques all over the world. We sell amber jewelry both to retail and wholesale buyers. Baltic amber jewelry directly from manufacturer. We have lots of customers from all over the world. Our amber jewelry products are very popular in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Arab countires (prayer and worry beads). Raw amber material are purchased mostly by customers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, etc.

Thank you very much for visitig our amber jewelry boutique!

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Shop by colour:

  • green amber jewelry
  • butterscotch amber jewelry
  • honey color amber jewelry
  • cherry color amber jewelry
  • white amber jewelry (royal amber)

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